Reproduction Services

We work regularly on reproductions, renovations, refurbishments and replacements of architectural mouldings, bringing old back to life or just bringing classic originals to an interior.

At M&D Plasterworks Ltd our working practice is all about investment in expertise; we’ve invested decades in nothing but decorative plasterwork so that we can provide a truly expert service, capable of crafting unique designs or finding a variety of ways to bring classics or damaged originals back to life. We work with a diverse range of architects, designers and property owners from private individuals to commercial businesses and trusts, providing everything from original reproductions for a new interior design to meticulous castings of original moulds on conservation projects.

Original Victorian and Georgian Classic mouldings
We own a huge library of moulds including many antique originals which are ideal for refurbishments and conservation work, or even in the most modern of interiors needing that touch of organic decorative feature.

Bespoke Manufactured New Mouldings
Our bespoke service isn’t just for creating contemporary or personalised designs, it can also re-create classics from architecture, photos and drawings or apply expertise to true reproductions; creating a mould from an in-situ moulding and reproducing it for the rest of the building or a different building entirely.

Conservation & Listed Buildings
We’ve worked with many organisations and private individuals on listed buildings and other properties deserving of sympathetic conservation of the highest standards. With our extensive knowledge and library of original moulds and bespoke reproductions expertise, we can bring that touch of original craftsmanship to any type of interior decorative plaster mouldings.

Expert, Personalised & Professional Service
All our clients receive a genuine and highly personalised customer care approach from our team; we take our craft seriously, enjoy offering advice and want to understand exactly what you hope for so that we can provide the best possible finished article. Providing reproductions to domestic, commercial and public clients across London & Home Counties we look forward to working with you!

No matter what your requirements for reproductions, renovations or conservation work on plaster mouldings place it in the hands of the specialists at M&D Plasterworks Ltd; contact us today and we can arrange a no obligation survey and quotation with a member of our team!